Welcome to the MamaBabyBliss Teacher Training Academy

Our curriculum: 

The MamaBabyBliss curriculum consist of 9 classes and 2 workshops: 

  • PregnancyBliss Stretch & Relax 
  • MamaBliss Nurture & Relax
  • BabyBliss Massage 
  • BabyBliss Yoga 'Foundation' 
  • BabyBliss Yoga 'Advanced'
  • BabyBliss Yoga 'PHD 
  • BabyBliss Yoga 'Explorers' 
  • Toddler 'Movers and Shakers'
  • Toddler 'Walkers and Talkers'
  • Birth Preparation Workshops for Couples
  • DaddyBliss Workshops 

We offer a seamless curriculum and business package that will enable you to quickly set up your own exciting and sustainable MamaBabyBliss licensed business.

Want to enrol? Our next training starts on January 27th. 2017 (limited spaces left). 


 If you are looking for a rewarding and flexible, family-friendly career while making a difference and supporting women and their babies' wellbeing from "bump" to 3-years-old, why not become a MamaBabyBliss Teacher. 

All of our classes are unique and have been developed by leading pregnancy, new mum and baby wellbeing expert, Justina Perry. Our nationally accredited teacher training programme provides a curriculum of 9 award-winning classes and 2 workshops that will enable you to setup a successful and sustainable business.  

Our training is taught to the highest standards and you do not need a previous qualification. Groups are kept small so that we can focus on each individual's needs. We only take a limited number of candidates per training course, so for that reason, early enrolment is advisable. 

As part of the MamaBabyBliss network, you will also be able to promote your classes at well-known companies such as Mothercare and Mamas & Papas who we have forged a strong partnership with.

During the training, you will be provided with all the business tools and support you need to set up your own licensed MamaBabyBliss business. As soon as you have qualified in a module you can start teaching classes. This will enable you to start getting a return on your investment within only a few months of embarking on the training. 

We have designed the training to be flexible and part-time with a mixture of face-to-face sessions, distance learning and practical case studies. If you are already qualified in either pregnancy yoga, baby massage or baby yoga, we offer fast track solutions. Please contact us for further information. 

The MamaBabyBliss curriculum you will be teaching, includes:

Pregnancy & Postnatal Bliss


The journey of motherhood begins in the womb. Our PregnancyBliss Stretch & Relax training module, will enable you to offer classes to pregnant women in your licensed area. You will learn a variety of techniques and tools creating a unique class that will support women throughout pregnancy and help prepare them for birth.

MamaBliss is a gentle exercise class for new mums that focuses on strengthening, healing and relaxing the body, mind and spirit after birth.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to teach PregnancyBliss & MamaBliss classes and couples' birth preparation workshops. 

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga 


After completing the Baby Massage & Baby Yoga module you will be able to run the following classes suitable from newborn to 12 months: Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Baby Yoga 'Advanced' & Baby Yoga 'PhD'. In the massage classes, parents will learn techniques to soothe and settle their babies and help alleviate a range of common ailments. As their babies develop, many parents will be keen to join the yoga classes to learn more dynamic techniques to help with their baby’s mental and physical development. 

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to teach BabyBliss Massage & BabyBliss Yoga classes and DaddyBliss workshops.  

Toddler Massage & Yoga


Our ToddlerBliss Yoga and Massage teacher training module enables you to offer classes suitable for babies as they become more active and mobile. Upon qualification you can teach 'Baby Explorers',  'Movers and Shakers' and 'Walkers and Talkers' Toddler classes. This enables you to extend your range of classes for children up to 3 years old. At this point you have completed the full curriculum. 


We understand that starting a new business is a life changing decision, hopefully the lovely feedback we have received about our training will help reassure you that MamaBabyBliss is the right choice for you.

Want to enrol? Our next training starts on January 27th. 2017 (limited spaces left). Click button below and we will send you a training prospectus. 


Want to know more? Please click the FAQ button below for answers to common questions about our training programme. For further information or to enquire about our teacher training, please complete the form below. You can also contact us via phone: 01462 632 499 or email us directly training@mamababybliss.com